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mission statement

To assist in improving the quality of life of our members by providing:
  • Competitive financial products
  • Quality service
  • Motivated staff
In a stable environment where the tenets of integrity and honesty are upheld.

Vision statement

• To be the friendly financial institution of choice

• Satisfying the needs of our members.

Corporate profile

LECCU is one of the leading in-house credit unions in Jamaica, today. Since its inception on the 19th of Sept. 1968, it has grown into a medium-size credit union with total assets of just over $1 Billion. Currently, there are over 4,000 members being served by a staff complement of fourteen.


Lascelles Employees Co-operative Credit Union had their first meeting in June 1968, at 14 ½ Port Royal Street, Kingston, this was chaired by Mr. Mario Kirkcaldy who was later elected as its first President.

It began with 50 members from Lascelles De Mercado & Company, Lascelles Shipping, Lascelles Distribution and Lascelles Merchandise. By October of the same year 194 members were on the register with new members from Western Terminals, Lascelles Laboratories, AJAS and Transportation Agencies.

In February 1990 Lascelles Employees had its first amalgamation by way of John Crook Credit Union transferring its engagement to Lascelles Employees Credit Union. The amalgamation resulted in the offices being moved from Newport West to 473 Spanish Town Road. Additionally, Carreras Staff Credit Union transferred its engagement to the Lascelles Employees Credit Union on October 1, 2005. This growth caused us to relocate the offices to 232 Spanish Town Road.
In 2008 we had a membership in excess of 2,000 members who were employed to the Lascelles Group and associated companies. Our common bond, through a resolution passed at the AGM for the financial year 2008, is now extended to accept membership from past and present employees of the Lascelles deMercado & Co. Limited Group of Companies, companies or organizations associated with it, companies operating in the industry with which Lascelles deMercado & Co. Limited Group is associated and companies on the Spanish Town Road or in the area known as Newport West along with the family members of these past or present employees.
A major milestone for the year 2009 was the re-launching of the Credit Union Website at Members were able to access more information about the credit union’s products and services such as savings, loans, loan calculator and have access to downloadable forms for completion.
Lascelles Employees & Partners Co-operative Credit Union became our new name in the 2010. The Credit Union office relocated to 236 Spanish Town Road, this change allowed current and potential membership greater access to the Credit Union as well as aided our membership drive and merger activities.
The following year the Debit Card service was launched in September and as at December 2011 there were 195 debit card holders who enjoyed the convenience of remotely accessing their cash at any MultiLink location. Also, the Credit Union achieved record levels in income generation, for the first time LEPCCU broke the $70M barrier in Interest Income.
We were able to successfully merge with Nestle Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union through “Transfer of Engagement” effective October 1, 2017. Our membership base grew by 480 members including our new family members from the former Nestle Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union.

The strength of the credit union was manifested when we received the Paul Thompson’s Trophy for Medium-Sized Credit Union of the year award for three consecutive years 2007,2008 and 2009. Lascelles Employees and Partners Co-op copped the Highest Assets Growth for the year 2012, 2015 saw us triumphing humbly as we were presented with the Paul Thompson’s Trophy for Medium-Sized Credit Union and the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Service Quality Award Runner-Up in 2017.
The COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world when the first case was reported back in 2019. In March 2020 when the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed Jamaica’s first case, our Tourism industry was brought to its knees and by extension a large group of the LEPCCU membership base found themselves being laid off as they were directly impacted by this.

Not withstanding the DRM restrictions, the strength of the Credit Union and its members were tested when LEPCCU was forced to close its doors and welcome what will be the ‘new normal.’ LEPCCU built an online community and from this, we made strides in loan and membership growth. The resilience of our staff, volunteers and members proved stronger than the devastation of any pandemic. Our efforts did not go unnoticed as we were awarded Credit Union of the year 2021 in the category of Small.

Lascelles Employees & Partners Co-operative Credit Union has assisted its members to purchase homes, motor vehicles, furniture and educating themselves and their children. Over the years we further improved our IT platform which saw our members receiving same day transactions, access to view their accounts on our website which resulted in less traffic in the office. Some of our services include Standing Order payments, Financial Counseling and Debit Card Services. We take pride in our loan portfolio that continues to attend to the needs of our members with over 30 Products and Services. We have a strong financial and membership base, dedicated staff, a solid leadership and is committed to serving our members.

Our Credit Union Outreach continued from therein until present with visits to the Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Golden Age Home. In 2016 we adopted Bailey’s Basic School and Peniel Basic School as we aid in the contribution to assist with the development of the nation’s future. We now manage total assets portfolio of over $1.1Billion and membership of over 5,000.

Over the years, LECCU has undergone a number of changes via mergers with other credit unions such as John Crook, Wray and Nephew and Carreras. Effective September 30, 2017 Nestle Credit Union also transferred its engagement to Lascelles Employes & Partners Co-op, thus further strengthening our capital, asset and membership base. Our common bond allows us to accept membership from employees from organizations that operate in a similar industry as do the companies in the original core group, companies that do business with our core group and other employees so authorized.

While we may not have defined branches yet to assist our Kingston headquarters, we do have liaison officers at our numerous locations across the country assisting our members. Presently, we offer a wide range of services to meet our members’ needs under the umbrellas of Savings, Loans and other Products and Services. Some of our individual products include:


  • Share Accounts
  • Partner Plus Savings
  • Ordinary Deposits
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Golden Harvest Savings
  • Share Loans
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Motor Vehicle Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Educational Loans


  • Standing Orders
  • Debit Card 
  • Upload of funds to commercial banks
  • Financial Guidance
Our intentions are always to seek opportunities which will maximize our members’ shareholdings while we try to provide all the products and services to meet their needs.

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