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Sagicor (Local Coverage)


The Credit Union “Gold Series” is a group plan developed specifically for members of Credit Unions in Jamaica insured by Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited. What is unique about this plan is that persons can access healthcare without the usual employer/employee relationship. The plan segments its members into two age groupings of under 45 years and over 45 years.

The entry age under these plans are 18 to age 70 (persons can enroll 3 months prior to their 70th birthday). The premiums will fall within the age band of the primary policy holder. Eligible dependents are spouses, common-law spouses, children, legally adopted children, or children whom you have court appointed guardianship.

There are several plans to suit your budget:

  • Limited Gold
  • Standard Gold
  • Executive Gold
  • Supplemental Health
  • Major Medical

Please note the Supplemental Health Plan cannot be purchased as a ‘stand-alone’ plan and therefore requires a base plan of either—Limited ,Standard or Executive Gold.

Major Medical Plan can be purchased as a “stand-alone” plan and does not require any of the base plans.

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